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Established in 2014, Love Lakeri began as a simple inspiration and vision. My fond love of all things vintage, coupled with my deep desire to pay homage to my Ugandan roots, led to the creation of my brand that embodies both worlds.

Our objective is a simple, but overarching one: To create classic accessories which represent an African vintage lifestyle; while fusing vintage-inspired fashion with Ugandan kitenge fabrics. My journey to further this objective was founded in my ongoing desire to help and inspire people worldwide, and from a frustration with the lack of quality of African-inspired accessories in the Western world, and Canada specifically.  It is my goal to provide timeless, high quality hand crafted accessories and to build a quality brand that tells a story about my craft and heritage. We aim to do so, while providing a source for development and opportunities for young women in Uganda and Toronto.

Love Lakeri aims to always remain classic, and to draw inspiration from the vintage era, while forever encompassing the beauty of African culture. 

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For our Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection, we chose to work with only three striking patterns. Tunda, abbreviated from Mutunda, meaning September, reminded us of the harvest season in Autumn, with its deep red and black hues. Zinge, abbreviated from Nyonyimuzinge, meaning Peacock, was the most fitting name for the beautiful Peacock-like fabric. Ejjengo, meaning wave in Luganda, described this fabric best. With its mix of blues it symbolized the crashing of waves, the changing of tides, the changing of seasons.

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