Love Lakeri

Essence Festival - New Orleans!

Two weeks ago the Love Lakeri family had an absolute BLAST at the Essence Festival in New Orleans! We decided to have our first ever international show at one of the biggest cultural festivals in the USA because we wanted to meet as many of our wonderful customers as we could! 

We made amazing friends, wonderful business connections, and met many cool celebrities we admired like model Shaun Ross, Beyonce's stylist Ty Hunter, and Beyonce's mother! (Can you tell I'm a HUGE Beyonce fan? LOL)

One thing I personally enjoyed the most about New Orleans has to be the food! There has never been a city that I've been to in the United States where I've loved the food this much.

From the Jambalaya, to the Gumbo, to the beignets, everything we ate was filled with flavour, just the way I love it! - However not the best for healthy eaters! But we were "on vacay", as we kept telling ourselves LOL.
I also couldn't get over the architecture in the city! I'm a sucker for gorgeous old buildings, and multi coloured walls, so the French Quarter really was everything to me!

The best part of the Essence festival for us had to be our amazing new customers, totally glammed up, wearing our accessories! Especially the one who left our booth with the piece still on them. It excites me so much when our pieces complement the already existing internal and external beauty of our customers. It reminds me that we aren't just an accessories brand, but we aim to bring beauty and culture everywhere!

Thank you so much for the amazing souls we met, and the prayers & support from our current customers during our trip! And of course a HUGE thank you to our family, our team - we'd be nothing without them!

Until next show!


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