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How To Style | Sweater Weather - Men's Tie Edition

Lately we have been obsessing over sweaters and accessories! As the weather is quite cold now, Sweater Weather is finally upon us! On this week's edition of How to Style, we are featuring a couple of our favourite looks that incorporates men's sweaters & pieces from our Love Lakeri A/W '15 necktie collection.
The Tunda necktie is one of our favourite pieces during the months of Sweater Weather! 
This necktie looks absolutely striking here accompanied by a half zip blue knitted sweater (H&M, $50). The gold accents complement the tie - you can never go wrong with gold! 
The Tunda print used on this necktie is a subtle print, with bold accents. We paired it on our model with a white collared shirt to allow the print to draw the observer into the look. A less busy shirt worked very well with this look. 

The navy blue Top Man peacoat ($120) adds the needed warmth for the chilly season ahead, without overwhelming the overall look. With this relatively decent weather, this look it pretty complete! Throw in some gloves for the coming months!

We all know navy blue goes well with brown shoes, and we wanted to keep it a little casual, so Sperry boat shoes concluded this look!

For our second look featured in this week's How to Style, we had to include the Zinge necktie! A bolder print than the Tunda, the Zinge print is definitely a statement piece for the more daring gentleman.

With pieces that portray yellows and green's, a maroon sweater is definitely one that pairs up the best!

The maroon sweater was a definite pop of colour yet complementary addition to this over all look! As you can tell, we're loving navy blue peacoats - a staple piece in any gentleman's closet! This peacoat really tied in the maroon sweater and the Zinge necktie.

There's definitely nothing wrong with pairing patterns, and the daring gentleman lives by this! The hunter green plaid pants not only add style to this fashionable look, but they also do not take away from the statement being made around the neck. Style meets fashion meets culture!

The entire look pairs well together, while giving our model a perfect base to add in his brown loafers!

The sweater weather period is the perfect time to play around with accessories, but we also do understand how the cold weather can sometimes hide the statement pieces you've dressed around your neck. With scarves and high collars, neckties often go unnoticed. Be the gentleman with a subtle coat and sweater, and a bold necktie!

Have a positive week!




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